MIB 1178 Calendar for 2022

Dark until jan 2022


Stated Meetings

2nd Wednesdays

Special meetings 4th Wed

Dinner 630PM

Gavel 730 PM


Next Stated Meeting is JAN 2022 2nd wed,

we are now dark till then_______________________





IN January 2019, MIB Presented RWB Gerald Carlton on Honorary MIB Vest. Going back to the days when this lodge was under dispensation Gerald was paramount in letting Grand Lodge know we were capable of the work and sustaining a Charter by the standards of FreeMasonry in Illinois.



Gerald is pictured here 4th from Left, WB Guy Carbona (instrumental in getting this done) Right of Gerald is                WM Charles Schmidt.     Gerald has been a Grand Lecturer since the early 70's, and Mason of the year, 2017 (technically the 2nd time)